Saturday, February 26, 2011

Improving the Hatbox Ghost

Ah, there you are...

Welcome back foolish mortals. Last time, I spoke my feelings on the new "Hitchhiking ghosts" at Walt Disney World. We have also been given a better look at the new "Tombstones" in the graveyard since then. I think I will make my next post a prediction post about what I see these new additions doing. But here's what's in store today. I have come up with an idea to give the Hatbox Ghost a little more animation. I may have never gotten a chance to see him myself, but I can't help thinking I would have been pretty confused about his "Floating" top-hat if I had.

And that is what I have figured out how to fix.

As seen in this diagram, we have two projector surfaces (represented in light blue). One on the AA, attached to a retractable rod from within the body; and one within the hat-box. The projectors themselves are labeled via green dots. The AA's surface is projected from the front by an external (hidden) projector, and the hat-box is surface is projected from an internal projector. The effect goes as follows:

Stage 1: We have the AA's projection (On the body's head) visible, with the face being projected onto the surface. When the sound of Constance's Axe plays, we switch to stage 2.

Stage 2: The AA's projection extinguishes. The Projection surface quickly retracts via the rod into the neck-line and out of sight. The Hat falls onto the empty neck line, seeing as the head has just vanished, it has nothing to rest on. Hats don't just float in mid air you know. It falls onto the seemingly decapitated body's neck-stump. The face is then projected into the hat-box via the second projector from within. The Hat then floats back up, and the process will reset itself.

And of course, we all know it's not going to be just an image of the pop-eyed head that will be projected when he does return. It will be more of a video projection like Constance. The two will be fighting for the rider's attention at the end of the attic. A little more "Animation" will be in order. He's probably going to talk too.

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I'll see you all a little later...



  1. I added your blog to my blog's list of "Kindred Souls."

    Boy, am I ever behind on my blogging! Ghosts are always "late."

  2. That is so weird. Your concept is pretty much the same thing I came up with ( projected head, vanishing each time the axe is raised, etc). Well, great minds think alike, nice work dude. Here is a bonus that I would include. If the Hatbox Ghost is to talk, I would give him a Southern accent. Afterall the Haunted Mansion is located in New Orleans (at Disneyland anyway lol). That is the one thing that I think is missing in some of the characters. I can't wait for his return.