Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ah! There You Are...

...sorry I've been absent from the blog for so long foolish mortals. Although it wasn't my intention to wait this long to post something new, I've been busy. Busy with the things that this post is about to inform you of. S&FS has quite a few things going on, and quite a few plans for the near future.

First off, I'm sure many of you know that we're making a movie. Not just any movie; but a movie based on the infamous Story & Song of Disney's Haunted Mansion LP album. If you didn't already know, we have an official website; which I recently re-haunted; an official Facebook Page (go like us!), and now, we have a separate blog that will follow all of the behind-the-scenes goodness that's going into the film. Keep up-to-date with this brand-new blog as much as you would this one; even more so I'd say; I plan to do a lot of stuff there. So if the posts here start to dwindle again, there's one reason why. There's more to read on our other blog!

Secondly, I'm still having computer issues. After the screen on my Dell laptop cracked, I lost access to many of my Mansion files for a few months. A few weeks ago, I was able to transfer much of the content to my external hard drive, so I once again have access to it. However, this new HP notebook I'm using presents it's own issues that are responsible for further delays. Because I can't beat my old ways, I'm still trying to multitask whenever I'm on the computer. And the HP doesn't like it when I multitask. I'm obtaining a new monitor to use with my Dell soon; sometime this week or next week; and once I get that, I'll have a boat-load of things I'll need to do.

I have lots of footage I need to edit together for YouTube from my Disneyland trip. My new HP doesn't have a disc drive, so I can't install the program that came with my video camera to extract the footage properly. New HD videos of Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr.Toad, Splash Mountain, and of course the Haunted Mansion will be up once they get edited and rendered. Let me just say they are some of my better videos; I used some new lighting techniques.

My anti-virus program expired on the 6th of June, and my very short trial for my new HP's own anti-virus expired recently as well. So, I'm trying something new for the first time and using a free program that you have to manually set to scan. This has it's advantages; Norton and other programs are notorious for slowing the system whenever they are scanning. Those programs would scan whenever they felt like it; and you never had to worry that they'd do their job. With this new program, I have to be the one to initiate a scan if the computer starts acting funny. However, I have to worry that I'll only discover the problem once it's already to late.

And now we get to the surprise. Guess what I've been working hard on lately, foolish mortals? Do any of you recall a website that opened back in 2009, only to vanish about a month later? It returned the following summer only to vanish again, forever? A little website called www.Strange & Frightening Remember that? It was Strange & Frightening Sounds; the website; that started this whole S&FS online entity in the first place. Well, that site that allowed users to download audio from the attraction for personal listening use has been resting in peace for two or three years now... well... it was resting in peace... until recently...

That's right foolish mortals! We're re-materializing slowly, but surely! The site is stretching its content covering though, no pun intended. (Okay, pun intended) No longer will it be all about audio; when we return, S&FS v.III its going to be a full fledged Mansion & Manor fan-site, covering a wide range of multimedia content. We've got virtual tours for both the American Mansions, Phantom Manor, and even a few seasonally available specials in the works. (See above) A library; a gallery where you can look at both photos and artwork from the S&FS archives, as well as contributions from our loyal fans. Of course, the music room will retain the heart of the original S&FS site, with more content and more information regarding the creation, discovery, and use of the content. We don't have a set date for our full relaunch yet, but the disquieting metamorphosis continues to take place.

If you'd like to contribute to the fan-credited content in the various sections of our new site, you can find out how by visiting this note on our Facebook Page.

Okay; now onto what the future holds...

Obviously, A Night in The Haunted Mansion will hopefully begin production soon. We're snagged on a few things at the moment that are holding us back, but we will, someday; sooner or most likely later, finish the film. We are not giving up on it!

I'm going to Walt Disney World a few more times before the year is over to make the most of my annual pass. Once for the Halloween Party; (again... second year in a row!) another while I'm down for my first Disney Cruise in November; and again at the end of November into early December for the Christmas Party, which I've never been to before. I'm always up for meeting some of my fellow mansionites if your down there while I am (as long as it fits into my schedule) so just let me know.

I think that about wraps things up for now. Til next time...

I'll see you all a little later...


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