Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Battle of the Mansions - Part III

Ah, there you are...

   Before we start set 3 of  this battle royal, I want to let everyone know that my interview with WDW Kingdomcast is up! You can go listen to your's truly talk with the hosts of this awesome show about topics like the Haunted Mansion (obviously), Disneyland Paris, Phantom Manor, Epcot, attractions I never got to experience, drunk tanks, the new graveyard vocals, my movie A Night in The Haunted Mansion, and more! Go check it out! You can listen here, or download it from iTunes here. Or listen to it bellow:

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Please note: there is a bit of foul language used in this podcast.

   Now that we have that underway...

   Ring the Bell!

Round 11 - Library

   We start this collection of rounds with another no-contest. Since Disneyland doesn't have a permanent library scene, this bout has an obvious outcome.

Disneyland - 4   Magic Kingdom - 7

   Yes, I know Disneyland has a library during the course of Haunted Mansion Holiday located in the ballroom scene, but we're not talking about Haunted Mansion Holiday, are we? Nothing during the overlay counts for this contest. This is just another one of those exclusive scenes that was made possible due to the fact that the layout is longer in Orlando.

Round 12 - Turning Busts

   Who pulls off the Turning bust effect better?

Disneyland - 5   Magic Kingdom - 7

   Let me rephrase that; which ride provides a better view point for the effect. Because both of the versions use the exact same effect. It's a matter of which one is cooler to look at. In the Library at Orlando's mansion, you have the whole of the Library next to it to look at. At Disneyland, they are at the end of the corridor. You move, they move. It's not them just following you gliding. Some might say it's the busts following the doombuggies at Orlando. At Disneyland, they follow YOU. A win for Disneyland here.

Round 13 - Music Room

   Another no contest...

Disneyland - 5   Magic Kingdom - 8

   Disneyland is the only one of the 4 mansions (including Phantom Manor) that doesn't have a music room scene. The Disneyland ride does have a similar effect, but no actual music room space, so that can't earn it points here.

Round 14 - Phantom Piano Player Effect

   It may be true that Disneyland lacks a music room scene, but the way they make up for it totally makes up for it.

Disneyland - 6   Magic Kingdom - 8

   The effect, achieved via a video projection instead of a shadow puppet projection, is much more fluid. It's also not as cheesy looking or hard to believe as being a real shadow person. Props go to Disneyland here for there updated version of the effect.

Round 15 - Stair Case Area

   Once again, Disneyland is given a knock out blow the moment the bell rings.

Disneyland - 6   Magic Kingdom - 9

   Even if the limbo of boundless mist and decay was still working in opening day conditions, it wouldn't stand a chance against the Magic Kingdom's re-imagining of the dark staircase scene in which the doombuggies climb to the second floor of the mansion... that is, if you can tell which way is up, and which way is down now that they have their own awesome exclusive scene in the form of the endless staircase. Taking over for the old rubber spiders, this scene, which was added in 2007's Re-Haunting, seems to be one of the few scenes that every mansion fan can agree on as being a pure positive addition.

   Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Mansion continues it's lead that it won over the Disneyland Mansion back in set two. Can the Disneyland Mansion make a come back? We'll find out in the next installment of the Battle of the Mansions! Until next time...

I'll see you all a little later...



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