Thursday, September 26, 2013

Battle of the Mansions - Part IV

Ah, there you are...

   Sorry about the delay in this next installment foolish mortals. I've been busy with my own "afterlife"... work and what not. Plus, this entry in the battle of the mansions probably one of the least interesting, and it's been giving me a good case of Prudence Pock's writer's block. You're about to find out why. In these next few rounds, the only things that seem to change for the most parts are the wallpaper and the set dressing. But to complete the full run-through and gather all the points up for each Mansion, it's necessary that we drag through this set of scenes that are nearly the same...

What are we waiting for, ring the bell!

Round 16 - Limbo Area

   Wait, didn't we just do Staircase area? Well, now we're looking at the "limbo" which is nearly the same thing isn't it? The darkness. That's what we're looking at. That area where the ride gets really dark. And sadly, I think we all know which ride is darker already, as it's already been touched on here...

Disneyland - 6   Magic Kingdom - 10

   Disneyland needs to dim their lights! Plus, you can't beat the blinking eyes from the infamous wallpaper coming out of the darkness that Walt Disney World has.

Round 17 - Endless Hallway

   This is the first in the series of "who really cares" rounds. Pretty much because it all depends in your taste for set dressing and wallpaper to decide which one is better. A point goes to each in the result of a tie...

Disneyland - 7   Magic Kingdom - 11

   Which wallpaper do you like better? The Bat Eyes, or the Kings's Golden damask? Ether way, it's just wallpaper that makes them different.

Round 18 - Conservatory

   Another matter of set dressing. Do you like you're coffin corpse with or without additional coat sleeves? A point to both again...

Disneyland - 8   Magic Kingdom - 12

   Again, a matter of opinion that really doesn't matter in the long run. You can have the battle boil down to the coffin corpse's cuff-links...

Round 19 - Corridor of Doors

   This area has a slightly larger amount of differences in comparison to the last two sections. But honestly, it still comes down to your taste in wallpaper, sound effects, the arrangement of set decorations, and your opinion on how many of them there should be. Regardless, my opinion of the two is that they both are pretty much equal ever since WDI got rid of the Magic Kingdom's unique lighting set up, (Blood Red lighting from the chandeliers above was the way to go. Why did you have to change it up?) so a point to both again...

Disneyland - 9   Magic Kingdom - 13

   A true mansion fan should recognize which version of the ride is presented in the left picture and the right picture. Trivial prop-placement is the key to recognizing which version of the ride you are looking at in certain scenes. I won't spoil which is which yet. Look to the comments section bellow, where I'm sure someone will reveal which is which version.

Round 20 - Clock Hallway

   Again, you're choice in wallpaper; and this time around; clock hands and faces. Do you know why I reward a point to Walt Disney World here?

Disneyland - 9   Magic Kingdom - 14

   As the only Mansion to feature the hour 13 clock with an actual 13 hour marks around the perimeter of the face, Magic Kingdom gains the upper hand. (No pun intended) The face of the clock at Walt Disney World is the only one in all four versions of the Mansion to have 13 hour marks around it's face. All the others just have the standard 12 hours with the top marker replaced with a big 13 even though it's only got 12 hours. The Magic Kingdom wins for accuracy!

   Hopefully the next set of rounds won't linger as long as this one did. I'm hopping to have them all done by Halloween, but I can't promise anything foolish mortals. Until next time...

I'll see you all a little later...


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  1. If I'm not mistaken, in the Corridor of Doors photos you posted, I believe the photo on the left is Walt Disney World, & the photo on the right is Disneyland.